Teacher’s Diploma of Nada Yoga Nidra

an inspiring study program

Course Outline

Supercharge your practice with our certified
Earth Sounds© Teacher’s Diploma
of Nada Yoga Nidra

The only Yoga Nidra Teacher’s Diploma certified by Mind Body Institute of Ireland, Sound Healing Association of Ireland and Pythagoras Institute of Sound & Vibrational Healing,

Who is this training for?

  • Yogis of any level or ability who would like to deepen their practice in a profound way,
  • Psychologists and other health professionals who work with those suffering anxiety, stress problems, etc.
  • Hospice and healthcare workers seeking to effectively improve the wellbeing and happiness of those under their care.
  • Holistic therapists, yoga and meditation teachers who would like to enhance their practice with self or others with yoga nidra and sound bath meditation using either recorded music or sound healing instruments played live.
  • Anybody who is seeking to effectively improve their own wellbeing, personal and spiritual development
  • Anyone who wishes to help themselves, family & friends with stress reduction.

Nada Yoga Nidra Teacher's Diploma Level 1

An inspiring study program for those with a calling to specialise in the wonders of Nada Yoga Nidra and the sacred science of healing with sound.

Meditation & Mindfulness

  • History and philosophy
  • Benefits and practical applications
  • Effective meditation techniques for people with busy lives

Yoga Nidra 1

  • History, foundation and practice
  • Yoga nidra methods and techniques
  • Enhancing guided meditation with recorded music
  • Fundamentals of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Why Yoga Nidra is not Hypnosis

 Sound Healing Introduction

  • Sacred science of healing with sound
  • Preparation of the healing space
  • Sacred ceremony and ritual
  • The Role of Intention
  • Connecting to Web of Life
  • Trusting Your Intuition
  • Anatomy & Physiology 101 for Healing with Sound
  • plus much more!

1 day certified workshop.

Fee: €150

Sat Nov 23rd
Sacred Earth Studio, Cork City

Nada Yoga Nidra Teacher's Diploma Level 2

 Discover the power of mantra and devotional chant for healing of self and others.  Learn about drum therapy for individual and groups including shamanic drumming journey and transformational sound bath meditation and more.

Mantra & Devotional Chant

  • History, methods & practice
  • The effect of mantra and chant with instruments including harmonium and percussion instruments

Yoga Nidra 2

  • Writing your own scripts for a variety of therapeutic outcomes
  • Customizing yoga nidra sessions for individual requirements and circumstances
  • How to integrate yoga nidra therapeutically into a regular wellbeing plan


  • Types of drums used for healing including shaman or frame drum, Indian tabla, Celtic bodhrain, Hang drum or handpan.
  • Choosing your drum
  • Creating sacred space
  • Drum techniques and effectively working with trance states for healing self & groups
  • Developing your intuitive practice
  • Drum for ceremony and ritual
  • Journey meditation with the drum
  • Connecting your drum with the web of life
  • Drum journey meditation – method and practice
  • Conducting a sacred fire ceremony – method and practice
  • Sound healing for nature and the land
  • Transformational Healing Circles including Moon circles
  • Concerts and events indoors and outdoors – PA systems, when and how to use them.

2 days of classroom study includes certificate of completion.

To be advised

Fee: €295

Booking deposit €50
Bookings are essential

Nada Yoga Nidra Teacher's Diploma Level 3

For those who wish to take their Yoga Nidra practice to the next level.

Enhance your knowledge and skills to further specialise in Gong playing techniques, cacao ceremony, how to lead your own inspiring sacred circles and more.

Sound Bath Meditation

  • How to choose your instruments including sacred Gong, Himalayan bowls, shamanic drum and more
  • Design your own sound bath using instruments of your choice

Yoga Nidra 3

  • History and philosophy
  • Benefits and practical applications
  • Modern scientific research in support of its effectiveness
  • The structure of Yoga Nidra session and how to implement a session effectively
  • Working effectively with trance states
  • Fundamentals of hypnosis
  • Why Yoga Nidra is not hypnosis
  • Improving your confidence as a teacher
  • Putting it all together with Earth Sounds© and live sound healing instruments

Gong Yoga Nidra

  • The Gong and sacred space
  • Gong techniques
  • Gong for ceremony and ritual
  • The Gong and its effect on energy
  • Working with trance states
  • Journey meditation with the Gong

Cacao Ceremony

  • History, benefits and practice
  • Where to source the best quality cacao
  • Sacred space, ceremony and ritual
  • Combining cacao ceremony with sacred sound bath meditation
  • Putting it all together


  • Labyrinth as a path to inner peace
  • Vibrational effect of the labyrinth
  • Design your own labyrinth
  • plus much more.

Business Setup

  • Business practice: setting up your business
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Plus so much more.

2 days of classroom study includes certificate of completion.

Submission of your case study notes and requirements is essential to receive your Diploma award.

Includes case study certification and accrediation, 1 year professional membership of Sound Healing Association of Ireland and Mind Body Institute of Ireland.

To be advised.

Fee: €395

Booking deposit €50
Bookings are essential

Are You Ready for Earth Sounds© Yoga Nidra?

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